Interested in conducting research? Come work with us!

**We are currently looking for research assistants to help us conduct research in Summer 2019! Contact our lab manager Jen Paul at for more information.**

We are looking for conscientious and sociable people who pay close attention to detail.

If you are an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley interested in working with us in the fall or spring semester, please apply to work in the MAPP Lab through the specific research projects listed at the beginning of the semester via the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program.

If you are not an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, or you want to participate in the lab without course credit, you can email the MAPP Lab manager, Jennifer Paul, at to see if there are any available opportunities. Please send a resume and explain your interest in the lab in your email.

If you want to apply to do a Ph.D. or post-doc with Juliana Schroeder, please email her directly.