Ph.D. Classes

Research in Micro-Organizational Behavior (PHDBA 297T), 2015-2016

  • Co-taught with Drs. Laura Kray & Dana Carney

Research in Micro-Organizational Behavior (PHDBA 297T), 2017-2018

  • Co-taught with Drs. Dana Carney & Drew Jacoby-Senghor

Research Methods (PHDBA 297B), 2018-2019

  • Co-taught with Drs. Laura Kray, Dana Carney, & Drew Jacoby-Senghor

Full-Time MBA Classes

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (MBA 252), Spring 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018

2017-2018 Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching (for full-time MBA students)

Executive Education

  • Critical Thinking

  • Group Decision-Making

Other Modules

  • Integrative Negotiating Skills (UC Berkeley Alumni; various companies)

  • Judgment & Decision-Making (UC Berkeley Ph.D. students)

  • Measuring the Impact of Cross-Cultural Exchanges (USC Public Diplomacy program)