How to Motivate Yourself and Others? Intended and Unintended Consequences

Schroeder, J., & Fishbach, A. (2015). How to motivate yourself and others? Intended and unintended consequences. Research in Organizational Behavior, 35, 123-141.

  • Short Summary: We overview three common motivational strategies and when they backfire: giving feedback, setting goal targets, and applying incentives.

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The “Empty Vessel” Physician: Instrumentality Makes Physicians Seem Personally Empty

Schroeder, J., & Fishbach, A. (2015). The “empty vessel” physician: Instrumentality makes physicians seem personally empty. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 6, 940-949.

  • Short Summary: Individuals who have more need for medical care focus more on physicians’ traits relevant to their needs, perceiving physicians as more competent and failing to notice their personal emotions (6 experiments).

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The Sound of Intellect: Speech Reveals a Thoughtful Mind, Increasing a Job Candidate’s Appeal

Schroeder, J., & Epley, N. (2015). The sound of intellect: Speech reveals a thoughtful mind, increasing a job candidate’s appeal. Psychological Science, 26, 877-891.

  • Short Summary: People evaluate job candidates’ mental capacities more highly when they hear their “elevator pitches” than when they read them, and are more interested in hiring them (4 experiments).

  • Featured as Editor’s Choice in Science, 348, p. 877.

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